The People - Malouf Construction founder, George Malouf, attributes the company’s success in the construction industry to the company personnel’s in-house expertise, commitment, and character. “The real key to our success is our people,” Malouf says. “We have a phenomenal group of people in our offices. Their education, technical capabilities, character, and level of commitment to our customers' projects along with a bias for mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, and subcontractors combine to allow us to offer 'best value' solutions for customers' infrastructure and building needs.” But make no mistake about it; the real heroes in the company are the 125 plus field personnel that put the work in place. Whether its turn key building construction, earthwork, pile driving, utilities, storm drainage, concrete paving, structural concrete work, steel erection, equipment installation, or a combination of some or all, Malouf’s field forces are prepared and ready to go when and where the project calls. Both principles in the firm work experience prior to Malouf Construction were in the field and they understand that everyone else in the company is there to support field operations.