Delivery Systems – Malouf Construction’s broad range of customers and projects has taught the management to be flexible and creative when it comes to delivery systems. Malouf knows that the best delivery system for a particular customer on a particular project is best chosen in consideration of numerous factors; schedule, information currently available to the customer, customer preference, and needs in the community to name a few. Malouf believes that it is always best to have the contractor on board early before too many decisions are made that can have a negative impact on cost, schedule, or quality. Malouf Construction offers its clients as diverse set of delivery systems as it does construction services. Malouf recognizes that customers vary in the desired level of involvement in the construction process and the type and frequency of information needed. We recognize that each customer and project are unique and offer a delivery system to match. Often the best system is a hybrid or blend of two or more types to meet today’s challenges of truncated schedules and tight budgets. Project feed back systems are customer defined to ensure prompt and accurate reporting on the issues that are most important to the customer needs. Find below a brief description of the basic deliver systems with some case studies of the 'more common than not’ hybrids. 

General Construction – Malouf realizes approximately half of its annual revenue from competitive bid or negotiated public and private general construction projects. Both infrastructure and building construction projects are included in this mix. Often, some elements of design build or construction management are mixed in the blend. 

Design / Build – Design / Build is usually the most time efficient and cost effective delivery system. Malouf has in-house design expertise in industrial, civil, and commercial projects. This expertise allows early and prompt consideration of site alternatives and buildings systems to ensure that best value choices are made in site development, structural systems, and building envelope and finish selections. Malouf teams with a number of licensed designers and selects design professionals with specific project experience criteria.

Construction Management – Construction management, in its many sub-forms, has grown to become widely and successfully utilized on projects that afford significant trade packages. Even in fast-track and within design/build services, some form of construction management can provide excellent values and also allow the customer to afford opportunities to the local market place. Because of Malouf’s in-house expertise and excellent reputation among trade contractors, we can tailor flexible trade opportunities to allow the trade contractors to bid in their comfort zone where they are most cost effective. 

Subcontracting – Approximately 35% of Malouf’s revenues come from subcontracting or trade contracting work. Most of this work is related to site improvements and includes clearing, erosion control, earthwork, utilities, storm drainage, structural concrete work, concrete paving, pile driving, and marine work. Malouf’s years of experience in the building construction marketplace uniquely qualifies it for large or multi-staged site work for large building projects which it often does on a turn key basis.

Pre-Construction Services – Projects are most successful when best value decisions are made early in the process. Malouf’s professionals can consider and provide prompt feedback on design alternatives in all areas allowing design to proceed at the necessary pace to support the customer’s critical dates. Malouf Construction offers pre-construction services for our commercial, industrial, site development, and marine customers.