George Malouf and his wife, Kathy, founded Malouf Construction Corporation in 1987. After earning a degree in Civil Engineering from Mississippi State University, George served as a civil and mechanical engineer for Bechtel Power, Gaithersburg, Maryland, as a civil engineer and superintendent for Becon Construction, Houston, Texas and as a project superintendent for Sundt Corp., Tucson, Arizona. During this experience, George had the opportunity to work in supervisory and management positions on very large and highly technical projects including nuclear and coal fired power plants and waste treatment facilities. The knowledge and technical abilities gained from working with some of the world’s largest and most capable construction companies has proven invaluable in creating and managing Malouf Construction.

In the company’s infancy, the primary focus was in the commercial and light industrial building markets, including office and municipal buildings, warehousing and light manufacturing. Because of the company’s technical back bone and belief in self performing work with in-house construction professionals, it was natural that Malouf would quickly move into private design / build industrial building and non-building work such as food processing plants, cold storage facilities, steel mills, and other manufacturing facilities. Malouf Construction continued broadening its capabilities by adding site development, heavy and highway and marine construction in the early 1990’s.

In 1992, childhood friend, Andy Holliday joined the firm to manage and strengthen the firm’s site development and heavy and highway capabilities. Andy, a 1980 Mississippi State Civil Engineering Technology graduate, had returned to Mississippi in the mid 1980’s after managing projects for Granite Construction and J.B. Michaels Construction along the Gulf Coast and in Texas and Zumwalt Construction, San Antonio, Texas. In 2004, Andy became a principal in the firm.

“Andy and I are on our project sites frequently,” Malouf says. “We don’t run the company from behind a desk. We have complimenting skills. We combine what we learned on the road with what we’ve learned together building a wide variety of projects to allow us to solve our customer’s most difficult challenges. We have experience and knowledge on a lot of different types of site development, industrial and building projects in a variety of working conditions.  Our diversity let’s us bring the in-house knowledge and experience we gain from all sectors to each customer regardless of the type of project. Our staffs knowledge, experience and attitude is what makes it work.”

Today, with over 125 team members, Malouf continues to believe in a business model based on technical strength, diversification and vertical integration. Though diverse, Malouf operates as a single unit with no artificial separation or self imposed walls between the experts that design, estimate and construct their customer's projects.  In fact, the firm often brings the highest value to projects where the company's site development and building construction capabilities are needed.