Kansas City Southern Railroad
KCS RIP Facility
Pearl, Mississippi


Scope:  Design/Build.  Malouf has been awarded the contract to design and build a new Repair in Place Facility for the Kansas City Railroad's High Oak Yard in Pearl, MS.  The project includes a rail car repair facility that is approximately 12,000 square feet, a maintenance office building that is approximately 3,600 square feet, and a maintenance storage facility that is approximately 550 square feet.  Work performed includes all necessary grading work, foundations, structural slabs, framing, enclosures, interior partitions, finishes, utilities, and procurement and installation of various types of equipment.  This project will also include the design and construction of structural slabs and closure pours for the installation of two embedded tracks in the RIP Facility.

Owner/Customer:  Kansas City Southern Railroad

Architect/Engineer:  James Tyson Kerrville, Texas