Bureau of Buildings, Grounds, & Real Property
North Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery
Kilmichael, MS

Project Description: Malouf Construction is honored to be involved in the North MS Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Kilmichael, MS. The 50+ acre site will be the final resting place of more than 22,000 veterans and their spouses. This is the 2nd state cemetery and the fifth in a network of state and federal veterans cemeteries in Mississippi. The cemetery is made possible through a $6.6 Million grant from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The first phase of the project involves developing a 14+ acre site. Heavy excavation was done to install the 907 crypts for the site. The project includes a 900 sf Administration Building as well as a 2,990 sf Maintenance Building. Other areas of work on the project include a Columbarium section, a Scattering Garden, A Carillon Tower, and a Committal Shelter. The cemetery will be a beautiful memorial to the veterans who served our country. Owner: MS Bureau of Buildings, Grounds, & Real Property Architect: Howorth & Associates Value: $5.3 Million