Madison County Economic Development Association
Nissan Training Center
Canton, MS

Location:  Canton, Mississippi
Owner:  Madison County Economic Development Association

Project Description:  Training Facility
Malouf was contracted to build a training and human resource development facility for Nissan North America.  The project consisted of a pre-engineered metal building 84,000 square feet with a 26’ eave height.  There are 12’ high tilt-up walls down one side of the 420 foot building length.  There is an additional 30,000 square foot reinforced concrete pad for forklift driver training and 91,224 square feet of asphalt paved parking, for 250 cars.  The slab was poured in three sections, with the first section poured on March 31, 2001.  Only 73 days later, Nissan occupied the employment section of the building.

Phase II of the project adds plumbing, HVAC, electrical and fire protection. It also adds partitions and finish trades for approximately 47,000 square feet of classroom and administrative space. Phase II will also include some of the equipment for Nissan’s use.