Viking Range Corp.
The Alluvian
Greenwood, MS


Location:  Greenwood, Mississippi
Owner:  Viking Range Corporation


Project Description:  Renovation of Multi-Story Hotel – Old Hotel Irving
We were the general contractors on this project.  We self-performed much of the work in Divisions 2,3 and 6.  The project was constructed on a cost plus percentage basis.  We had an ongoing budget management process with the owner and the architect because changes happened throughout the project as we proceed with the work.  We were challenged to maintain the fixed budget as the owner and architect made changes as construction progressed. The original building was constructed in 1917, and includes load-bearing brick walls.   The Resterant was added late in construction, and finished several weeks later.

Notes:  This was, in effect a construction management job.  The main difference is that we self-performed some of the work.