Ameristar Casino
Ameristar Casino Dry Dock Project
Vicksburg, MS

Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi
Owner: Ameristar Casino

Project Description:
Ameristar Casino took advantage of new legislation following Hurricane Katrina by deciding to dry dock their vessel.  The tasks involved to furnish the client with the satisfactory product were numerous.   Initially, we managed a diving subcontractor while removing 5,000 cubic yards of sand from under the vessel.   Following, double mats of reinforcing had to be placed under the vessel in preparation of a 15” concrete slab.  Once the slab was complete, 154 structural jacks were placed between the slab and vessel for support.  We then removed the water at a controlled rate until the vessel was successfully dry docked.  It is important to remember that all of this work was accomplished in 12’-14’ of water, approximately 24”-36” of working space, nearly zero visibility, and constant uninterrupted casino operations.